Hello, I'm Angèle Kamp and I live in the Netherlands with my husband and our two cheeky boys. It always seems to rain here in the Netherlands but when the sun is out I grab my camera and go for a sunny bike ride with my boys.

I have been an artist & graphic designer for over 20 years & I am always creating and learning something new. Throughout the years I have created many collections of watercolor art, illustrations, hand-lettered fonts.

About me

~ I am an artist, designer & teacher of all things creative.

~ I always start my day with a cup of strawberry tea.

~ I am always searching for that perfect morning light to photograph in.

~ I love going for walks in nature & foraging Botanics as inspiration for my artwork. 

~ I create art, designs & fonts for products & designers all over the world.

My Creative Journey
I learned how to draw and letter when I was a little girl but it wasn't until I was 30 and a mom of 2 boys when I started the journey of becoming the creative business owner that I am today. Read the whole story of my creative journey here.

If you are interested in collaborations, art licensing or have any questions or at all then please contact me here.

Email: mail[at]angelekamp[dot]com
Phone number: 0031647295150