Sacred Moon watercolor workshop

Welcome to the Sacred Moon watercolor workshop hosted by Angèle Kamp. Dive into the enchanting world of watercolor with us as we explore the mystical allure of the sacred moon. Led by Angele, an experienced artist and passionate teacher, this workshop is designed to inspire creativity and connect with other like minded artists.

Sacred Moon workshop Koh Phangan Thailand Sacred Moon workshop Koh Phangan Thailand by Angele Kampby Angele Kamp

Discover the secrets of watercolor techniques and line art as we capture the phases and symbolism of the moon. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, this workshop offers a nurturing space to explore your artistic expression and deepen your connection with the celestial realm.

Sacred Moon workshop Koh Phangan Thailand by Angele Kamp

Let your inner artist run wild as you create your own unique artwork. We will provide all the steps and materials, all you have to do is show up with tranquility and an open heart.

Our journey together will extend beyond mere technique. We will not only create together, but also connect, breathe and drift into a peaceful state where we can freely flow and create beautiful art together. 


Angele Kamp watercolor art

Meet Angèle

Angèle is a passionate artist and teacher of all things creative. A true creative-at-heart with a deep love of florals and watercolor art. Her day always begins with a ritual of a cup of green tea and yoga practice during the morning light to infuse her day with inspiration and vitality.

Sacred Moon workshop Koh Phangan Thailand by Angele Kamp
Join us for an unforgettable journey of artistic discovery and celestial inspiration at the Sacred Moon watercolor workshop.
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