3 tips for creating a logo

Does creating a logo sound scary to you? Well, I have great news for you. You can easily create a professional logo without a graphic design degree. These three simple tips will help you create a logo for your brand in no time.

Tip #1: Show your style

Your logo is an important element of your branding and your logo is your chance to show to the world what you and your business are about. What sets your brand apart? Is your style minimal & feminine then make your logo reflect this style? Is your style bright & cheery then let your logo be a reflection of that.

botanic premade logo templates by Skyla Design

Tip #2: Keep it simple

Creating a logo for your business does not have to be a long and tedious process. The key is to keep it simple. Your logo could even be your name written in a signature style. You could download a handwritten font or use your own handwriting and digitize it. Add a tagline and a beautiful illustration and you’re ready to go!

Tip #3: Use a premade logo

Another tip is to purchase a premade logo like the collection shown below. Then, all you have to do is add your business name and tagline and you’ll have a beautiful and professional logo within minutes.

botanic premade logo templates by Skyla Design
Botanic Premade Logos

When creating your logo remember to show your style, keep it simple or use a premade logo to create a gorgeous logo within minutes. So what do you say? Are you ready to create your logo?