How I made $10,000 with Creative Market affiliate partner program

In 2016 I opened up a Creative Market shop to sell my designs and join their affiliate partner program. Within a year I earned a whopping $10,000 with affiliate links alone and I wanted to share with you how I did it.
How I made 10k with Creative Market affiliate partner program
How does it work? By joining the Creative Market partner program you will earn 10% of every purchase for an entire year from all new customers you refer to Creative Market. Share what you love Once you have been accepted to the partner program (read more, down below) it’s time to start sharing. Share your affiliate links on your blog, website, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or wherever you are active on social media. Each day I go through the handpicked section on the Creative Market homepage and share all the products that I like. This only takes a few minutes each day and you can even use your mobile when you have a few spare minutes. Pinterest Pinterest is my favorite way to share affiliate links and Creative Market makes it really easy to pin your affiliate links. If you do not have a Pinterest account I'd really recommend it and it will definitely be worth your while. For Pinterest, try to find images to share that are vertically long so they take up a lot of room on Pinterest. The longer the image the more it will get noticed. If you are just starting out and do not have a lot of followers on Pinterest you can always join group boards where you can promote your affiliate links. This way your links will have a far bigger chance of being seen. Create blog posts Another great way to promote affiliate products is to create your own blog posts with long vertical images like I did here and here. Once you have your blog post set up, be sure to pin it and spread the word! That first sale! So, after pinning daily, I noticed that people started to click the links that I shared and they started signing up for Creative Market. And after just 3 weeks I made my first sale. That first sale is such a rush and it motivated me to keep on going. And now after a year of being a partner, I made over $10.000. Sounds too good to be true right? Well believe it, it's true. Below you will find an overview of my partner program stats. After 1 week 276 Clickthroughs - 2 Referrals - 0 Sales - $0.00 Earned After 2 weeks 1185 Clickthroughs - 5 Referrals - 0 Sales - $0.00 Earned After 3 weeks 1501 Clickthroughs - 14 Referrals - 7 Sales - $14.60 Earned After 1 month 4295 Clickthroughs - 59 Referrals - 32 Sales - $56.20 Earned After 2 months 38,380 Clickthroughs - 494 Referrals - 207 Sales - $343.50 Earned After 3 months 81,120 Clickthroughs - 1082 Referrals - 496 Sales - $796.90 Earned After 4 months 114,502 Clickthroughs - 1874 Referrals - 816 Sales - $1,301.90 Earned After 6 months 274,197 Clickthroughs - 3717 Referrals - 2002 Sales - $3,178.20 Earned After 1 year 479,561 Clickthroughs - 7731 Referrals - 6670 Sales - $10,004.50 Earned 1. Want to sign up too? Want to join the program yourself and try to make a little cash? Here is how to get the ball rolling. First of all you will have to sign up for the partner program here. It took about 2 weeks before I got the acceptance email I was anxiously waiting for. Once you have been accepted, all links you share from Creative Market will automatically have your code embedded in them so they can track your shares. To manually share any Creative Market links with your Partner code applied, you can add the following code to the end of the links: ?u=username 2. Share your links So now it's time to start sharing. Share your links on your blog, website, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or whatever social media works for you. 3. Stats On the partner page you will find the stats of your links. Below I will explain what each means. Clickthroughs - the amount of clicks from the affiliate links you shared Referrals - the amount of people that signed up to Creative Market via your affiliate links Sales - the amount of sales you made with your affiliate links Earned - the amount of cash you have earned 4. Earnings When a new user you have referred with your links joins Creative Market, you'll earn a 10% commission on every single purchase they make for an entire year after they join. If you are a shop owner, that means you will make 80% of each sale when one of your referrals buys from your shop! And that's all you need to know. Why not give it a try and see if it works for you. This post includes affiliate links, thanks for reading.