How to draw a floral butterfly

For this art class, I wanted to create something a little different and use several elements to create a composition. We'll be using geometric elements and some flowers and a sweet butterfly to create this piece.

Use an object to trace two circles that are overlapping each other. These will be the base of our drawing.

Create a light sketch of the flowers and the butterfly. Don't press too hard because you will be erasing the pencil lines later on.

Use a fineliner
Once your sketch is complete you can trace the outlines with a thin fineliner or micron pen.

Add more details
Now that you've traced the outlines with fineliner, you can add shading and details such as small lines and dots.

Erase pencil sketch
Finish your drawing by erasing the pencil sketch and you'll be left with a beautiful floral butterfly drawing!

Style & photograph

One last step is to style & photograph your drawing. You can style your photo with natural elements like flowers or Botanics or use the art materials to style your shot.  

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Smooth paper 80lb / 120gr

Micron pens 01 & 005

HB pencil

Kohinoor Kneaded Eraser

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