Watercolor Eucalyptus branch

Let's create a Eucalyptus branch and paint it with watercolors using a reference photo.


Use a reference photo

Using a photo or a real-life reference of the Eucalyptus branch can help make your sketch more realistic. The sketch is the base of your painting so you'll want to get it right.

Trace with fineliner

Once you're done with the sketch you will want to trace it with a fine liner. This will make the sketch more visible when we transfer it to watercolor paper.

Transfer to watercolor paper

Use a lightbox, a window or in my case I'm using my iPad to trace the sketch onto watercolor paper.

Mix your colors

Now it's time to mix our colors. Use the colors in your palette to mix a dark green with a touch of blue. I am using Payne's Gray & Perylene Green from Winsor & Newton. You can test your color on a scrap piece of paper before you start to paint.

The first wash

Start by painting the Eucalyptus branch with a light wash. You will want to start with the lightest areas first and work your way up to the darkest color.

Add shading

Once your first wash is totally dry you can go ahead and use the reference image to add the shading and the details of the leaves.


Hahnemuhle watercolor paper

Da Vinci paint brushes no. 1 & 4

2H pencil

Kohinoor Kneaded Eraser

Staedtler fine liner 0.5

Payne's Gray 465

Perylene Green 460

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