Shadow play

Do you want to know how I add a little magic to my product photos? I use shadows. Playing around with shadows gives my photos extra dimension and adds that special touch of magic.

The most important ingredient when it comes to photography is lighting. I always say that this is even more important than the camera you are using or the number of megapixels your mobile camera has.

Use natural light

Natural light is my all-time favorite and I am always on the lookout for the perfect lighting throughout my home. I set my desk near a window so I can use as much natural light as possible. And when the sun is bright I like to use sheer curtains so it diffuses the harsh sunlight and creates some pretty shadows.

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Keep a lookout for shadow play during the day. Take note of what time of day the light hits your desk or studio and use this to your advantage when planning photoshoots. I am always following the yummy light around my home and I know exactly which places I can use to photograph at what time of day.

Shadow Overlay

Not sure how to use shadows in your photography? You can always add a shadow overlay to your photos later on. You can find beautiful shadow overlays in my La Femme moodboard mockups.