Wild Poppies Watercolor Painting

Learn how to paint dreamy Wild Poppies

Imagine a field of wild Poppies as far as the eye can see. Ginger-colored Poppies dancing in the sun and swaying with the wind. This was the inspiration for this artwork. In this class, I will show you how to paint these beautiful Poppies with watercolors.

Sketch basic shapes

Start sketching basic circles and shapes that will later become your wild poppies. Continue sketching by adding petals to your basic shapes and creating your flowers. 

Mix your watercolors

Mix a pink Alizarin Crimson with a brown Burnt Umber to create an orange-red watercolor.

Paint the first wash

Start adding a light layer of watercolor to the red petals. Add more color to the areas that need shading.

Paint the leaves

Mix your green watercolor while you are waiting for your petals to dry. I used an Olive Green and a touch of brown Burnt Umber to make my green less bright. Paint the green leaves and add highlights and shading here and there to give dimension to your painting.

Final details

Add more shading and details by painting lines on your petals and also paint the center of the poppies with a darker shade of red by adding more brown to it.

Style & photograph

One last step is to style & photograph your drawing. You can style your photo with natural elements like flowers or Botanics or use the art materials to style your shot.

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Smooth paper 80lb / 120gr

Micron pens 01 & 005

HB pencil

Kohinoor Kneaded Eraser

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